X-GEN Version 5.3: Recent Changes

This document summarizes the differences between X-GEN Version 5.3, promulgated during fall 2004, and earlier versions.

  1. Some of the output from stats has been upgraded. In general there will be ten resolution bins instead of six, and the user can choose a different number of resolution bins. The fraction completeness is being explicitly printed out, rather than requiring a calculation by the user.
  2. The internals of the code have been upgraded for future maintainability. In particular, X-GEN uses no global variables at all, and relatively few static globals within routines. No source file is longer than 1500 lines, and complicated dependencies are being rooted out. Routines called in a reasonably large number of locations are all now located in the routines in xglib, not elsewhere. Formatting of the sources has been modified to simplify searches for routine names and their arguments.
  3. filterc and editcen, which have been in the package for a long time, have been debugged so they do what they claim to do. editcen now accepts the same run-time arguments as filterc.