X-GEN Version 5.4: Recent Changes

This document summarizes the differences between X-GEN Version 5.3, promulgated during October 2004, and earlier versions.

  1. The Motif detector-image display GUI in pdisplay has been significantly upgraded. It now measures the size of the user's display screen and presents an image display that is commensurate with that size. In borderline cases it will provide sliders and put the display in the center of the sliders' display.
  2. The program-selection GUIs from pdisplay and pmotif have been significantly upgraded. 31 specific functionalities are now available from these windows, up from a previous 25. They are organized on the flowchart in a dial-down-the-center mode; that is, the primary functionalities appear in the center column of the flowchart, and the ancillary steps that don't need to be used under routine operations appear along the left and right sides. The pmotif GUI actually works now, also.
  3. A bug in integrate that caused slow but steady drift of the crystal and detector parameters away from their refined values has now been corrected.
  4. Documentation for all programs available from the GUIs, and several that are not, is now up-to-date.
  5. The color-sensitive menus in pmotif and pdisplay, and the emboldening features of setup, are familiar with more of the X-GEN executables now; most of the documentation for X-GEN has been upgraded stylistically; much of the documentation has been improved in content as well.