X-GEN Version 5.5: Recent Changes

This document summarizes the differences between X-GEN Version 5.5, promulgated during May - August 2005, and earlier versions.

  1. The number of executables associated with the X-GEN package has been reduced from about 100 to exactly five: xgen, xgentools, pmotif, pdisplay, and imageform. "xgen" and "xgentools" are line-oriented interfaces to all the individual functionalities within X-GEN; xgen accesses the 50 most common functionalities, and "xgentools" accesses the other 50 or so. "pdisplay" and "pmotif" are Motif-based interfaces to the most common 30 or so of these functionalities. An operation that used to be accomplished with "refall" would now be accomplished with "xgen refall" or by typing "xgen" and then responding "refall" to the internal X-GEN prompt. Within the "xgen" and "xgentools" interfaces, the software understands arbitrarily complicated shell commands, including things like "source *.com" and "ls -lai *.mrf | more".
  2. A script called "xgenproc" has been written and debugged; it provides a flexible, simple, and powerful interface for processing a single datarun.
  3. The source files, Makefiles, and Makefile flag files have been altered to reflect this new organizational structure for the software.
  4. Commands like "xgen integrate --help" or "xgen help integrate" both provide an interface by which application-specific help can be obtained. At the top level, "xgen --help" and "xgenproc --help" provide documentation for the xgen package overall and for the xgenproc script. Commands like "xgen uparams help" provide documentation for specific X-GEN file types.
  5. Since 1992, X-GEN has had the ability to wait for images to arrive and then continue processing with the newly-arrived images. It now handles timeouts from this waiting process more gracefully, and it times out much more quickly (two minutes instead of many hours).
  6. A bug has been corrected in the merging of data in point group 422.
  7. Bravais lattice determinations are managed more carefully.
  8. Support for 300-mm Mar CCDs has been provided.
  9. A bug in the handling reflection predictions after refinement within the integration functionality has been corrected.
  10. Additional flexibility has been added to the "refall" functionality.
  11. Support for SunOS has been enhanced.
  12. All of the code for X-GEN is now subject to source-code control using "Subversion" at http://svn.crri.iit.edu.