File Formats found in X-GEN

Documentation is available for some of the file formats used within or output from X-GEN. The formats include:

Environ. Typical Binary Role Description
Variable Name or Ascii   of format
AMASK $WORK/george.ams Binary Internal Detector Active Area
CENTROIDS $WORK/george.cen Binary Internal 3-D Reflection Centroids
MULIST $WORK/ Ascii Output Ascii (h,k,l,F,σ,F+, . . .)
MULTIREF $WORK/george.mrf Binary Internal Integrated, merged refls
SCALEIN $WORK/ Ascii Internal Scaling functions
for batches of data
UDUMP $WORK/george.udu Ascii Appended Dump of X-GEN binaries
UPARAMS $WORK/george.upr Binary Internal Crystal & Detector Params
UREFLS $WORK/george.urf Binary Internal Integrated intensities
USPLINE $WORK/george.uca Binary Internal Pixel-to-cm conversions
WMASK $WORK/george.wms Binary Internal 3-D Reflection Profiles
XLOG $WORK/george.xls Ascii Appended Logfile
XASCA $WORK/george.asc Ascii Output SCALEPACK output;
Friedel-mates separated
XCNS $WORK/george.xcn Ascii Output CNS reflection format
XSHEL $WORK/george.hkl Ascii Output SHELX/XPREP format
XXPLOR $WORK/george.xxp Ascii Output X-PLOR V.3.1 format
XSCA $WORK/ Ascii Output SCALEPACK output;
Friedel-mates merged

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