X-GEN Manual, Section 5 UREFLS (integration output) File Formats

The UREFLS file (.urf) is the binary file output from integrate. It contains a set of records, each of which describes a single integrated reflection. There is no header, so the length of the file is simply 80 * N, where N is the number of reflections output from the integration. The format is as follows:

typedef struct { /* structure type for a reflection observation:80 bytes*/
		short	obs_hkl[3];	/* indices of the reflection */
		short	obs_lpa;	/* Lorenz/polarization/absorption
						 	factor * 10000 */ 
		short	obs_ssq;	/*scatt vector length squared * 10^4*/
		short	obs_xpred;	/* predicted x position in pixels */
		short	obs_ypred;	/* predicted y position in pixels */
		short	obs_region;	/* detector partition (0-11) */
		float	obs_ii;		/* integrated intensity */
		float	obs_sigma;	/* e.s.d. of integrated intensity */
		float	obs_iunfit;	/* non-shapefit intensity */
		float	obs_sunfit;	/* non-shapefit e.s.d. */
		float	obs_ompred;	/* predicted scanning angle position*/
		float	obs_omob;	/* observed scanning angle position */
		short	obs_gof;	/* goodness-of-fit parameter */
		short	obs_shift;	/* "shift" or "bin" value of obs */
		short	obs_gama;	/* rocking-curve correction */
		short	obs_xob;	/* observed x position in pixels */
		short	obs_yob;	/* observed y position in pixels */
		short	obs_widob;	/* full width at half-max of profile */
		short	obs_bgnd;	/* average background under refl */
		short	obs_bgunfit;	/* background, un-shape-fit */
		short	obs_ncells;	/* number of cells used in summing */
		short	obs_reflno;	/* reflection number (now unused)*/
		char	obs_lowfrm;	/* index of first frame integrated */
		char	obs_hifrm;	/* index of last frame integrated */
		u_char	obs_chamno;	/* chamber number */
		u_char	obs_runno;	/* integer identifier of run */
		short	obs_frmint[7];	/* background-corrected intensity
					   readings in individual "frames" */
		short	obs_flags;	/* flags set during processing */

Usage: $WORK/<idname>.urf
Written from: integrate
Edited in: cuturef and filteru
Read in: "reduce" and "tref"

Report bugs to Andy Howard at howard@iit.edu or 312-567-5881.