X-GEN Manual, Section 5 WMASK (3-D profiles) File Formats

The WMASK file (name.wms) is a binary file containing twelve records describing the three-dimensional profiles found in the twelve regions of the detector file. The format of each of these twelve records is depicted below:

typedef signed char	sichar;
typedef struct { /* structure describing a detector-space 2-D profile */
		float	isqsum, maxf; /* sum(Ii^2) and max intensity */
		xglong	mnobs;	/* number of contributing refls */
		sichar	xyint[15][15]; /* profile */
	       } PHIMASK;

typedef struct { /* 3-D profile: array of 2-D profile elements */
		PHIMASK	phielt[7];
	       } MASK_3D;

These structures contain the information needed to construct the three-dimensional profiles that are used in profile-fitting in "integrate". They are output from "spots" and are updated and output within "integrate" as integration proceeds. They can be edited, either interactively with "ewmask" or automatically with "cleanm".

The WMASK file as written out in "spots" also contains floating-point versions of these three-dimensional profiles, both in ordinary (X,Y,omega) space and in diffraction vector ("Kabsch") space. The floating-point data are found following the mixed float, long, and character data shown above. These floating-point data will be implemented within "integrate" in the near future, and will be more carefully documented then.

Usage: $WORK/<idname>.wms
Written from: spots, integrate
Edited in: ewmask and cleanm
Read in: integrate

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